Impulse Assets Limited – A Review

According to the company legend on the homepage of Impulse Assets Limited, the firm purports to manage cryptocurrencies for its customers and promises them an ROI that is as high as 240% per month! The narrative goes further to claim that their system offers settlements in the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, regardless of the fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market.

These two statements above alone should be enough to send you scampering for safety because the first is just ludicrous while the second does not make business sense. As an investor scouting for a genuine HYIP, I would have stopped at that. However, I double up as a reviewer of HYIPs who seeks to bring out the truth. Because of this second cap I wear, I prodded more to see if at all there is anything I may have missed from the introduction.

Reading a little further down, I came across another wild claim that Impulse Assets Limited offers investment plans that will multiply your assets giving you a net profit of between 80% and 140% every month. Moreover, the legend added that you do not need any specialist knowledge or that of the market to get these margins.

The figures stated here above are confusing, firstly because they are not associated in any way with the 240% ROI mentioned earlier, and secondly because the discrepancy in the comparison between 80% and 140% to 240% is too huge. If at all the difference is the portion that the company retains as the operational cost, then they are taking a lot more than they should from the earnings of their customers.

To help you understand the charade that is Impulse Assets Limited a little better, her is a closer look at the platform and its provisions.   

A Dissection of Impulse Assets Limited

Investment Plans

Impulse Assets Limited has two main streams of revenue for its customers; the investment plans and the referral system. There are three of the former; Basic, Premium, and Ultra plans. These pay 6%, 7%, and 8% daily, respectively, with a maturity tenure of 30 days.

The minimum coins you can invest range from 0.001 BTC on the Basic plan, to 2 BTC on the Ultra plan. The maximum amount the platform allows you to invest, on the other hand, range from 0.2999 BTC for the Basic and 20 BTC on the Ultra plan.

The depicted ROI on these plans is 180% on the Basic, 210% for Premium, and 240% for the Ultra plan.

Impulse Assets Limited Referral System

The platform has a multilevel referral program that gives users another revenue stream, or so they say. According to this program, you get 6% of the deposit your direct referral makes. Your referrals also have a chance to refer other people, and you will earn even from the second (2%) and third (1%) lines.

Essentially, this statement means that Impulse Assets Limited is “ready” to pay you a portion of not only your direct referral but the referrals from your direct line and other users that are one level below this mark. While this is unusual in the; industry, it also is the greatest mark of a scam, especially where the figured are exaggerated as is the case of Impulse Assets Limited.

At some point, the platform will not be attracting people anymore. When that time comes, where will the platform get the resources to funds their farce?

The Disconnect

From the narrative above, two assertions clearly give away Impulse Assets Limited for the fraud of an HYIP that it indeed is.

  • It is not possible to sustain the ROI that it touts, more so within the cryptocurrency space. Granted, the cryptocurrency environment has created a plethora of opportunities but none of these gives such astronomical returns.
  • The inconsistency between the gross ROI and the net payable to the user is not reasonable. For a company that makes 240% on the funds a customer invests, retaining more than 40%, is outright thievery. You do not need that much to operate.

Simple background checks on any of the three “experts” touted on the page returned results that are not commensurate with individuals running an outfit with the stature that the narrative is struggling to portray.

Also, the promotional video embedded on the homepage is generic content that is available in two other scam HYIP sites that I have reviewed in the past. Such a practice is not only sloppy but is a red flag that should send any well-meaning investor running.

My Verdict

The HYIP environment is getting crowded by the day, probably because of the narrative circulating that you can make money from cryptocurrencies just by speculating. The misinformation out there is fuelling the rise of hundreds of fake HYIPs as a result. Impulse Assets Limited is one such outfit. It is a scam that has been placed on the internet to prey on the many uninformed would-be investors. I recommend that you do not give them the chance to swindle you. Look at any of the other projects which I have reviewed positively and put your money in them.

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Daniel Ayuko