Arcada Invest – Genuine HYIP or a Scam?

The landing page of the Arcada Invest platform boldly states that any cooperation must be built on trust. A deeper delve into the operations of the platform, however, reveal more murk that more than contradicts this tagline.

Before this review shoots right into the scam that is Arcada Invest, here is a look at what the high-yield investment program (HYIP) promises.

Arcada Invest – The Architecture

The platform touts itself as the best cryptocurrency trading space online. Its introduction to the investment program invites users to make the most of the comfortable solutions that the platform makes available. According to this narrative, the site’s professional traders apply their own unique but sure trading techniques to give platform users an assured ROI. The write-up goes ahead to claim that the returns are so handsome that they make even experienced traders jealous.

Better still, Arcada Invest promises its users ease of use because investors can invest via several payment methods and multiple cryptocurrencies.

Further, Arcada Invest proposes to its prospects that it provides a trading and investment ecosystem that is not only satisfactory but also favourable. These affirmations come from the belief that Arcada Invest holds; a belief that their systems can reduce risks associated with trading while increasing the efficiency of each trade.

The feature mentioned above, according to Arcada Invest, stems from the platform’s business model, which allows investors to earn high interest rates every day irrespective of the flux in the cryptocurrency trading environment. This promise is despite that fact that it does not elaborate to users how this wild claim is possible.

The Investments

The platform offers three investment plans, which are Crypto+, Crypto++ and Crypto+++. The first plan offers users an ROI of 101.5% on their investment with an investment tenure of just one day. The other two give users 2% and 2.5% daily for durations of five and ten days respectively.

In all the investment plans, you can deposit as little as $10 and a maximum of $10,000.

Arcada Invest Referral Scheme

Besides the investment plans, the platform purports to give out commissions to every registered member. The said commissions define Arcada Invest’s multi-level referral program that awards 4%, 1%, and 0.5% for levels 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

Under this scheme, a direct link refers to a member directly linked to another user’s profile; that is, a user who registered using the referral links given by the referrer. For each of these direct referrals, a user gets 4% commission.

The Disconnect

Granted, HYIPs by nature, often promise sometimes very unsustainably high returns but still deliver. However, Arcada Invest is easily identifiable as a scam because the returns it promises and that are paid to previous investors comes from the revenue that the new investors are remitting.

For the reason highlighted here above, alone, Arcada Invest is emphasising more on the referral scheme and its commissions structure even more than it does stress the investment plans.

Importantly, the Arcada Invest website is void of a professional touch; a huge red flag that anyone investing in the money markets should not disregard. The text cited above, for instance, which explains what the platform is all about, is pieced in horrible English. Further, the bit of text on the website about how the platform protects its users’ money, which is a disclaimer of sorts, loses meaning towards the end. For instance, the piece reads in part thus:

“Besides, we make it certain that entire of our payment gateways & technical means work in a seamless design to be of sheer help for the potential traders.

Not only is this statement grammatically wrong, it is also vague and conveys no message at all. Because Arcada Invest deals in money and investment, any text that confuses the would be user instead of inspiring confidence should be treated as a red flag.

Much as the text on the platform tries to suggest that the plans are straightforward, the fine print towards the footnote suggests otherwise. For instance, a segment of the write-up suggests that the investment products (investment plans) differ widely in aspects such as returns, associated risks, and the tenure of investment. This statement directly contradicts the explanation on the plans in another segment of the website that clearly states the ROI (as a percentage of the investment), the tenure and the minimum and maximum amount of money the platform allows users to put in.

My Verdict

A lot is happening in the investment space. The HYIP ecosystem, for instance, is very busy. Not surprisingly, the many innovations that the cryptocurrency and the blockchain environment is churning introduces a similar number of schemes that promise huge returns. Sadly, not all of these are sound. A lot many of them are scams that seek to take advantage of FOMO. Arcada Invest is one such scam that you should not be tempted to invest in.

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Daniel Ayuko