Weenzee HYIP Review: Should I Invest In Weenzee?

What is Weenzee?

Weenzee is an international HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) which connects millions of people in a single network, powerful enough to manipulate the market at will and make more profits for its members. The collective expertise and knowledge of various crypto experts, professional traders and financiers with a market focus of the $200 billion markets will achieve this feat.

Features of the HYIP Weenzee:

Team of Professionals:

  1. Holders are highly skilled programmers of the blockchain technology
  2. Business Creators: Leaders with relevant experience in promoting innovations
  3. Union of Investors: An association of like-minded and innovative thinkers

Artificial Intelligence:

  1. Weenzee AI analytics: Collect information related to trading patterns in a bid to accurately make forecasts.
  2. AI trading: Self-learning robot built to implement trading strategies
  3. AI Neural Network: set of algorithms for classification and forecasting, analyzing the market indicators and trading robots

Like-Minded People Community:

  1. Decentralized Autonomous Organisation
  2. Crypto Enthusiasts Alliance: this is an association of crypto enthusiasts
  3. Business Ecosystem: Association of businessmen around the globe.


  • The use of AI to manage trading portfolios, copy successful trading patterns, make forecasts, seems to be a fantastic feat if successfully pulled off.
  • The Weenzee team has been awe-inspiring with their outreaches and several conferences held in Japan, Brazil, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Nigeria.
  • The Weenzee program features 13 cryptocurrencies which include Bitcoin, the Weenzee native cryptocurrency WNZ and a stable coin USDT.
  • Active Social Media Channels: Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LINE, Kakaotalk, and host of others.


  • The owner of Weenzee is not known. Scammers never share their information with people. For the same reason, the creators of Weenzee have hidden their information. This is the main feature of a site scam. They did not show their data even in WHOIS records.
  • There is no project track – record showing any successful portfolio management, successful crypto-trading maybe on a smaller scale in the past.
  • The technologies featured on the website are purely speculations
  • The promise of connecting people in a single network in a bid to have some market power seems far-fetched
  • There is no proper documentation as to how the system works on the website. No whitepaper, just a brand book
  • Poorly written contents in some sections of the Weenzee website
  • The Weenzee HYIP Return on investment is completely unrealistic as they offer to double investments in 3 months which means that an investment of $1,000 will yield an extra $2,000 in 3 months
  • No broker is aware about accounts belonging to Weenzee LTD. This means that if they are trading, it is done via a third party, which means they were not entirely honest with their investors. I believe that they are not involved in any form of trading.

Summary of the Weenze HYIP

Weenzee is dealing with earnings in a large market of cryptographic value. For this purpose, there is a solid investment program based on three principles: the global investor community and like-minded traders; a strong team of experts from all related sectors; and the use of a unique and innovative technology.

It also offers access to a wide range of digital assets, including major fiduciary currencies, such as the US dollar, as well as various crypto currencies, such as BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.

Weenzee does not limit what you can trade or invest. Furthermore, it supervises its institutional investors to ensure that investment programs and portfolios remain solid. It also guarantees confidentiality and transparency thanks to Blockchain’s advanced technology.


There are so many red flags associated with Weenzee. This is a thread with caution HYIP (High yield investment program). They operate a pyramid scheme in which a company pays commission to its member for bringing new members to the site. This way a sequence is made and you may receive a commission for a few levels.

The funds already invested in Weenzee does not in any way verify their authenticity and do not offer trust leverage. Weenzee’s claims are not realistic. They only promise a lucrative sum to attract the attention of the people. They show you the dream of making money in a short time. Most people buy this dream and lose their hard-earned money in fraud.

An Investment is definitely not recommended here. We please everyone to caution! And if you want to invest, invest only what you can safely afford to lose. Additionally, Take as many withdrawals as possible early on in order to capitalize your profits. Be prepared for the worst. And keep looking an eye of the payment status.

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