The Wssavior – Another Scam HYIP in Town

The Wssavior scam HYIP has a tagline that reads, “on guard of your prosperity.” There are so many things that are wrong with this statement. The most important of which is the language. This review looks at the feature of this scam including the bad grammar that characterizes the legend on its website. It also points out why Wssavior is not worth investing in.

The HYIP is a property of WSSH Ltd, a UK company with corporate offices in Marshall House, Ring Way, Preston, England. According to the scam’s website, their investment plans are some of the most lucrative in the entire HYIP landscape. This is the first giveaway, and I will explain briefly.

While the HYIP has been around for long and almost looks legit, the plans give, according to the figures on the site, unbelievably high returns. And while high returns are a common feature in the HYIP environment, I want you to pay attention to the plans as I explain them below, and the ROI. You will realize from my explanation why the said profits are not attainable.

Before I delve that deep, however, here is an overview of Wssavior.

The Wssavior Scam HYIP Dissected

The company states on its website that it combines many successful and profitable business options such as multi-currency trading in the Forex arena, some trading activity in the stock exchange markets, and random as well as strategized investment in the cryptocurrency space to turn in a good profit. In addition, Wssavior also takes a dip into emerging cryptocurrency projects during their ICO phases.

According to the HYIP, its big money comes from the combination of these four activities. In particular, it mentions the Forex markets. Further, the legend narrates that attracting investments online is the easiest way to make businesses grow faster. As such, the company puts it a high-interest rate on its plans to attract further investments.

The statement above presents another problem with the Wssavior scam HYIP. Firstly, it is not grounded on any business principles, and secondly, it is the defining characteristic of a Ponzi Scheme; which in the HYIP space, is the red flag that tells scams apart.

The Wssavior Scam HYIP Plans

The scam HYIP has six investment plans. These plans give different ROI with diverse investment maturity durations that range from 21 days to 135 days, and they all have minimum and maximum investment principals.

The first plan, the Standard Daily Plan, pays out a profit of 1.10% every day for a tenure of 50 days. Investors can put in between $50 and $500 here. The second, the Professional Daily Plan, takes in between $500 and $50,000 and pays 1.30% daily for 100 days.

The Savior Accumulate pays 650% after 65 days for amounts ranging from $2,000 to $25,000. The fourth plan, Savior Accumulate Pro pays out a whopping 1950% after 135 days for a principal amount between $200 and $20,000.

The fifth and sixth, VIP Plan and VIP Plan + give out 380% and 1,000% after 21 and 40 days respectively. The minimum amount you can put in the VIP Plan is $55,000 and the maximum is $100,000. The VIP Plan +, on the other hand, accepts between $10,000 and $50,000.

The Disconnect

While the plans look all well thought out, the profits they promise are unattainable in the long run. And, Wssavior may have been around for a while but it is only a matter of time. In as much as the HYIP space is characterized by promises of huge profits over a short period, the said profits must make sense to both the investor and the HYIP firm.

Where there is an imbalance as is the case with Wssavior, the firm either dies off because it cannot make the unsustainable payments for long, or it scams out its investors, which often is the case with HYIPs that promise ridiculously high returns.

The other red flag and one that I earlier mentioned briefly is the poor wording of the text that makes up the legend. A company that seeks to invest your money for you must show that they are prudent enough in every way to invest the money safely. Poor grammar in the website show that Wssavior cannot even hire a proper copywriter to put their message across.

My Verdict

The HYIP space is seeing an increasing number of scam outfits with each waking day. Identifying these fraudulent HYIPs is not as complicated as you may think. Essentially, the reasons I have highlighted above form the basis of the factors that you should always be on the lookout for. For instance, are the plans reasonable, can the firm pay the profits it promises in the long run, and do the revenue generation processes depend on sound business principles?

In a firm does not check all or any of these boxes, you most probably at starring at a scam HYIP.

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