Scam HYIP: A Review of Finastone PTE LTD

The investment knowledge perpetuated by the scam HYIP that is Finastone Private Limited is that you need to put your money to work. Seasoned entrepreneurs believe that earning residual income from your assets or liquid capital is the most stable form of earning. The ethos of this HYIP is built on this adage.

The business talk, however, should not deceive you. Finastone is one of the many fraudulent HYIPs online that are keen to scam investors of their hard-earned money. Keep reading as I uncover their corny lies. In this review, you will also learn how to tell a good HYIP from a fraudulent one, and why you should not put your money on any of these thieving online outfits.

Scam HYIP: Finastone PTE Limited Overview

The invite on the website declares, rather boldly, that after you have worked hard for your money, there comes a time to let your money work hard for you. And, Finastone proposes themselves as the best firm to take this responsibility of investing your money on your behalf.

Should you fall for this sweet line, you will soon end up frustrated and without anything to show for your previous hard work. Here is why: The company fronts both its investment plans and the referral schemes as the revenue streams for its users.

Going by earlier discussions as well as the experience from the HYIP space, companies that put emphasis on recruitment using referral a little too much like Finastone does often scam out their users.

The Finastone PTE LTD Plans

The Daily Plan

The scam HYIP fronts two simple plans. The Daily Plan gives 5% of the invested capital daily for 30 days. Meaning, if you invest 20 Bitcoin, you get to earn 1 BTC daily and will end up with a total of 50 BTC for the 30 days that is the length of this plan.

The Fixed Plan

The Fixed Plan pays a profit that is 110% of the principal amount after 10 calendar days. This means that if you put in 20 BTC you will get a profit of 22 BTC after the 10 days and will be eligible to withdraw a total of 42 BTC after the short duration.

You must be wowing at these “impressive returns!”

For all the plans, Finastone recommends that users invest any amount between 0.01 and 1,000 BTC.

Finastone Scam HYIP Affiliate Program

Aside from the investment plans described above, the Scam HYIP also offers a further revenue earning stream for its users; the affiliate program. According to this elaborate scheme, users earn on three levels, and in two distinct categories.

A user can “take home” 5% of the first level referral’s investment in standard bonuses, and 10% as representative bonuses. Second level earnings are 2% and 3% for standard bonus and representative bonus, respectively, while third level referrals will earn you 1% standard bonus and 2% representative bonus.

However, this earning format is not cut on stone. According to the website, you can rake in as much as 15% depending on how much investment you attract to the site.

Scam HYIP Seeking Legitimacy

In a bid to seem legitimate, Finastone PTE Ltd has put forth four advantages touting these are the reasons why every customer should choose their investment plans. The said “advantages” are the legality of the company, total transparency, cutting-edge customer support, and a secure control panel.

Upon investigation, it turned out that these are mere words that do not hold any depth. Take their promised above par customer support, for instance. I shot them a direct message on Twitter and is yet to get a response by the time I was completing this review, that is more than 18 hours after the fact. Also, I tried to engage their representative on live chat and the help was anywhere near top-notch.

The Disconnect

According to the information available on Scamadviser, Finastone has been around for a little over one year. During this time its website has been live online, it has maintained a perfect trust score of 100%. However, this score is subject to one single 5-star review.

So, is this information enough for investors that seek to make an investment decision?

I say it is not because the company that has been online for a year; if its services were any good, many people would have sung praises so as to get more referrals to join.

My Verdict

Because people scouting for investment opportunities have become aware of the many games fraudsters play, scam HYIPs are forced to act even smarter. Finastone PTE LTD is playing by the book and putting up a very believable front. Its website is presentable with very legible, meaningful and almost believable text. However, a look at their plans quickly reveals that they are promising what they cannot deliver. The outfit is a scam and one that you and your money should stay away from.

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