CloudToken HYIP Review – Mobile App Crypto Scam

CloudToken is a crypto wallet that pays you to HODL. Here’s the CloudToken HYIP review to help you learn more about this latest crypto scam.

CloudToken claims to provide investors with a crypto wallet integrated with an AI trading bot that generates profits for you, with monthly profits ranging from 6% to 12%.

Features of CloudToken

CloudToken wallet

CloudToken wallet is a “new generation of digital asset” that executes encrypted trading and payment using blockchain technology. It is connected with a trading bot that performs arbitrage transactions on cryptocurrencies. This then allows you to earn CloudTokens (CTO) coins by holding BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, TUSD, and DODGE in this wallet.


To provide transparency and thus, gain investors’ confidence, the CloudToken app shows all buy, sell and HODL orders in the order history. This also allows investors to see clearly how the company generates profits to pay the returns it has committed to.

In addition, there’s a crypto trading proof feature that allows you to verify all order IDs on various exchanges to ensure they are not fake orders.

Jarvis trading strategy

The Jarvis trading strategy, which was apparently developed by “various math professors”, is an AI trading bot that looks at market signals to make trades.

Atomic swap

CloudToken wallet supports seamless exchange of BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies for CTO. As a result, users are able to swap digital assets quickly and easily.

OTC trading

CloudToken also offers over-the-counter trading for those who want discreet and personalized transactions.


According to CloudToken, users will be able to purchase goods and services online and pay in CTO coins.


CloudToken features a multi-level referral system that is paying commissions based on your partner’s earnings (matching bonus). All commissions are paid in CTO.


  • Robust and intuitive app design
  • Support multi-currency storage including BTC, ETH, EOS and other digital currencies. This means that you can convert your returns back to BTC and withdraw before they start restricting withdrawals.  With Ponzi schemes, you are always on a borrowed time.


  • Unregistered company – CloudToken is not registered as a securities company in any jurisdiction yet but solicits investments on the promise of a passive income. CloudToken, therefore, is an illegal securities offering. It won’t survive long before it gets caught.
  • Background of team members unverifiable – There are no LinkedIn links provided to verify the team members’ involvement with CloudToken.  Listed on the website as CloudToken’s team members are Ronald Aai, Sheng Zhao, and Matthew Suen. Again, relevant industry experiences are not verifiable. Everything that is written about these individuals is either fake or outright lies.
  • Additionally, there are some marketing videos on CloudToken website that presents Simon Tran, and Daniel Csokas as some of the “big names behind Cloud Token”. The truth is Daniel Csokas does not exist while Tran is the face behind PlusToken Ponzi scheme.
  • No products or blockchain innovation – Despite making bold claims with their trading bot, the sad reality is that CloudToken has no legitimate innovation, products or services to offer so far. Therefore, it can be assumed that Cloud Token pays their investors and affiliates only with newly invested money.
  • Fake trading- CloudToken are not performing any trading at all and cannot pay the high returns that they are offering, definitely not with Arbitrage. Instead, they are reshuffling investors’ funds which makes the whole thing a quick cash grab that will soon end in another painful exit scam.
  • Complex compensation plan – Cloud Token pays referral commissions via a unilevel compensation structure. This approach places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them.  However, to unlock the compensation levels, your affiliate must deposit at least $500 in crypto. The way the compensation plan is set up is disingenuous. In fact, it is a recruiting scam in that people are only joining for the opportunity to make money off of signing up new members
  • Subscribing to Jarvis AI trading bot costs $1 but participation in CloudToken passive income opportunities requires a minimum investment of $500. That is a huge ask. Also, you must maintain the value of your deposit above $500 to continue earning commissions.
  • Early CloudToken investors build their CTO balance by direct investment and convincing others to invest. They are also able to withdraw the majority of their investments with ease since their CTO balances are replenished by their unilevel team. Late Investors, on the hand, are only able to cash out CTO for as long as admins allow. Which means you might not be able to get your money back once you invest.


CloudToken is a crypto Ponzi scheme hiding behind blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI). We’ve seen these kinds of scams before— they usually come in mobile wallets attached to worthless coins. In this case, it is CloudToken (CTO). This token has no real world use other than supporting a Ponzi scheme for a few months. The team generates CTO for no money and distribute the returns in their token. CloudToken inflates the value of CTO, which motivates investors to further hold the balances to earn more with the help of the increase of value. Also, the bonuses which you can receive by holding funds for specific times without withdrawing any amount motivates people to further keep their money in this system. The more money in the system is pumped, the more the owners can earn.

What will happen when you invest?

Put simply, you sign up to CloudToken as a referral and invest. Your investment is stolen by existing Cloud Token affiliates. You then steal the money invested by those who join after you. This scheme can only work as long as the investment reserve threshold lasts. If reserve dries up (which of course is inevitable), the whole thing collapses and you lose all your money. The owners, as always will do a runner and evidently launch a new crypto wallet scam.

Think long and hard about joining or handing over your money to CloudToken.

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