BtcFury HYIP Review: Steer Clear of this Dangerous Scam

What is BtcFury?

BTCFury is a service and investment platform that allows big players to make anonymous transactions using blockchain technology, and micro-investors – by investing, you can earn from these activities. But whether this business is legit, you will find out in this scam review.

The Problem

Global money transfers are increasing every day but the technology is not able to keep up with this progress. In addition, money transfers around the globe continue to face challenges such as corrupt bank employees, slow speeds, high fees, and hacking risks. This makes wire transfers of large transactions expensive, insecure and high-risk.

The Solution

BtcFury wants to disrupt the traditional SWIFT industry by eliminating middlemen. Using a hybrid scheme of financial transactions, e-currency modifications, digital security systems as well as blockchain technology, BtcFury allows high net worth individuals to make personalized money transfers securely and anonymously.

According to its website, the company works with a strictly limited number of people—those who regularly appear in Forbes FORTUNE 500 list—or are based in United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Russia, and Singapore.

To become a micro-investor, you must make a minimum deposit in any available currency on the platform. This then returns a dynamic profit in the amount from 3.84% up to 5.1% per day, depending on your deposit amount.

In essence, BtcFury promises the following:

● Quick withdrawals
● Highest security
● Frequent accruals
● Insights analysis and automatic profit calculation

It also promises to offer investors “guaranteed profit from a high-tech transparent business”.

BtcFury Features

Micro-investment – Private investors can earn daily profits from the activities of these big players.

Passive income – Investors’ income come from commission deductions on customers transactions.

Bounty – The winner of the Bounty Program will receive an additional prize of $500, available in any currency of the BtcFury platform.

Affiliate – The ‘Standard’ level affiliate program pays as follows: 15% monthly on new investments and a daily 12% interest based on the volume of attracted investments. There is also a ‘Representative’ package to influential online portals, mass media owners, video bloggers, MLM leaders, and large investors.


● Low amounts required to invest (0.005 BTC, 0.03 ETH, 0.1 LTC, 0.1 Dash or 5.0 USD for PerfectMoney / Payeer).

● BtcFury platform support many cryptocurrencies and fiat, including BTC, ETH, LTC, Dash, and Perfect Money USD, Payeer USD.

● Excellent personal account in terms of design and user experience

● Low commissions on large transactions

● Generous bounty program


● Big Tech Fury Limited, the company that runs BtcFury is incorporated in the United Kingdom, Marshall Islands, and Hong Kong. The problem is that it has only tax registrations and no licenses from financial regulators. In fact, BtcFury cannot produce the mandatory FCA license required in the UK to provide investment services. BtcFury, therefore, is an illegal investment service and can be classified as a scam.

● The investment plan is just ridiculous. 3.84 to 5.1% per day is an extremely high number which translates to up to 150% per month. If it sounds too good to be true, like here at BTCFury, it probably is a scam. A legitimate company would not offer or achieve such high numbers, considering the current economic climate.

● There’s no information about the team behind BtcFury. No relevant industry experience or verifiable LinkedIn profiles. This a huge red flag. You can’t find the owners information even on WHOIS records.

● Another red flag to look out for is non-existence technology. Their website says the platform integrates blockchain technology to facilitate anonymous transactions, but their source code is not publicly available. This means only one thing— there is no code base at all.

● BtcFury says it works with big players (those who appear in Forbes FORTUNE 500 list). The trouble is that there is no notable high net worth individuals or reputable companies currently managing investment portfolios on the platform.

● The program lacks transparency. Not only does it lack a whitepaper but critical information such as how the system works is desperately missing. It appears the owners are deliberately hiding the real nature or state of the project.


While the project offers a passive income with promises of big returns, the bitter truth is that BtcFury is a scam. It is an illegal investment program that cannot make you the money it promises. As a matter of fact, the program operates as a Ponzi scheme. It doesn’t actually conduct any business activity but plays with money it gets on deposits. This kind of scheme always fails in the end. If the pool of investors dries up, the whole thing collapses and you lose all your money. Avoid BtcFury at all costs. You can check the payment status here.

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